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Virtual NAEA Conference

September 17, 2014

September 27 & 28

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.43.58 PM

National Art Education Association is providing a virtual conference titled: New Visual Arts Standards: Instructional, Assessable, & Aspirational. Two members of the visual arts writing team are the speakers, Olivia Gude & Marilyn Stewart. Join them for a conversation about art learning and implications for everyday teaching practice. Ask your questions in real-time and participate in the discussion.

Saturday, 1:00 – 4:45 pm ET and Sunday, 1:00 – 4:45 pm ET. $89.00 for NAEA members and $129.00 for Non-Members. Register and obtain the details by clicking here.


Art and Music Courses

August 24, 2014

Course Opportunities for Art and Music Educators

As arts educators, we know how important a quality arts education is for every student. That is why we are constantly seeking to improve teaching and learning  in our classrooms. And the arts have never been more relevant and essential than they are right now – in the 21st century.  But where do we find quality, professional development in arts education?

The New England Institute for Teacher Education is proud to announce that it will be offering three courses in Visual Art and Music Assessment practices this fall to any Art or Music educators, K-12.  The courses are all taught by leaders in art and music education who have played an integral role in the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative in the past three years.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to work with Rob Westerberg, who will be bringing the Music course to Hanover, New Hampshire (Vermont and New Hampshire music educators, take note!), Jake Sturtevant who is teaching Music Assessment in Standish, Maine, or Catherine Ring who is teaching Visual Art Assessment in Bangor, Maine.  All of these courses meet on teacher-friendly schedules (two weekend sessions with 10-12 weeks in between) and are tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

If you want to be in on the most current thinking, research and best practices used in arts classrooms, this is a great way to get started and connect to a network of other professionals and a wealth of shared resources. Over 85 arts educators have taken advantage of arts assessment courses through the New England Institute and many have taken on leadership roles in their schools and districts as a result of their work. Three graduate credits will be awarded upon successful completion through the New England Institute’s academic partnership with Endicott College.

So please join us. We’re excited to share what we have with you and to learn from you!

Questions?  Call the New England Institute at 207-367-5807 or email

Catherine, Rob and Jake



The Art of Giving Gala

August 18, 2014

Last week in Portland

IMG-20140814-00079 To mark the diamond anniversary of Down East Magazine, they commissioned six commemorative covers from six of Maine’s top artists. The art was raffled off last Thursday at a gala event in Portland. Down East is donated $10,000 to 6 charities of the artists’ choosing. Five hundred tickets were sold, 6 lucky people went home with wonderful artwork, and 6 charities benefited from all the generosity.

It was a great evening with delicious food, wonderful company, and great art to look at before they were given away. The artists included the following and their chosen charities are listed with them.


  • Eric Hopkins – North Haven EMS
  • Alex Katz – Colby College Museum of Art
  • MECA Emerging Artist Renee Bouchard – Maine College of Art
  • Angela Adams – The Locker Project, a Community Partner of The Good Shepherd Food Bank
  • William Wegman – Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association
  • Barbara Ernst Prey – Bowdoin College Museum of Art

Eric Hopkins

The evening’s festivities were inside the working buildings of the Portland Company Marine Complex where we were surrounded by three dimensional art structures created by Cindy Thompson at Transformit. The mood was further be set by Laurie Andrews Design, and Headlight Audio Visual.

Music included 60 years of hits performed by the Larry Williams Band of Tony Boffa Music followed by a special performance by Gunther Brown.

Several businesses provided delicious food and drink. It was a delight to see Eric Hopkins. Many of you remember him from the statewide arts education conference in 2007 that we held at the Samoset in Rockport. Eric provided an inspirational keynote that day. And, it was a treat to meet William Wegman and one of his Weimaraner’s that was featured in the magazine. The Wegman dogs have been the inspiration for nearly 20 children’s books. Some of you may have seen his dog photos on the Maine Turnpike rest area in Kennebunkport.



Schoodic Sculpture Symposium

August 15, 2014

August 3 – September 14, 2014

DSCN3300The 2014 Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium runs 7 days a week and is free and open to the public. The Symposium
forms an outdoor sculpture studio event, allowing people to interact with the artists and see the process from start to finish.
The location is next to US Bells Foundry, in a ball field in Prospect Harbor, ME. This i s the fifth SISS held in Maine, the longest reoccurring public outdoor sculpture Symposium in the U.S.A. The event features a large welcome tent, restrooms,
a picnic area and ample parking. Closing Ceremonies are likely to be held on Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 in the afternoon (time to be determined).
Those of you who have attended one of the past four symposiums are well aware about how unique this opportunity is for visitors. You have the opportunity to speak with the sculptors and see them in action. I have been able to attend on multiple occasions during the last 4 symposiums and I must say coming back during the symposium to see the progress being made is very fun!
The following artists are participating in the symposium which is scheduled August 3 – September 10, 2014.
DSCN3296School and student information

Over 500 students visit the Symposium during each event thanks to the teachers and administrators that make this opportunity happen!
The closing ceremonies will most likely be held on Wednesday, September 10th, 2014. The goal is that
sculptures will be installed in their respective communities during the final week of the Symposium. Therefore, to see the sculptures in one place, it is recommended that you consider bringing school children to the site earlier on or before the closing ceremonies and also plan on a trip to the place where the sculpture will be installed in your town, so that the children can be there as the sculpture is placed.
We are hoping this way the artists will be present when the sculpture comes to your town/city, making the event even more meaningful and rich!
The exact date that each sculpture will be installed will be determined during the Symposium and is dependent on several things, including the readiness of the site to receive the sculpture. The logistics of moving the piece from Prospect Harbor to its permanent location can be tricky and delays due to equipment or weather can be frequent. All sculptures are expected to be finished by the closing ceremony date, but will remain on display at the event site until they are one by one, moved to the communities over the course of the final week.
Let us know when you are coming to the Symposium site, so we can alert the artists and assistants and engage in enhanced health and safety procedures. The artists enjoy talking to the children, and will stop work during your tour of the site.
We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions please contact, Cathy Lewis Principal, Surry School and SISS Board Member

In Today’s News

August 14, 2014

Just out from the Maine Department of Education, Commissioner’s Update

August 14, 2014


Maine Arts Assessment Initiative hosts New England Summit on Arts Education

The Maine DOE joined over 90 educators, teaching artists, and interdisciplinary teams at the New England Summit on Arts Education, July 29-August 1, at the University of Southern Maine in Portland. This three day professional training opportunity was coordinated by the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI) and provided participants with a collaborative approach to explore methods of teaching, learning, and assessment in arts education.

Jeff Poulin, Arts Education Program Coordinator for Americans for the Arts, delivered an important message about the critical role of arts education in developing essential knowledge, skills and creative abilities needed for success in school, work and life. During the Summit, educators developed individual action plans focused on essential components of student learning and proficiency including arts integration, studio habits, technology and assessment.

Veteran teacher-leaders and educators new to MAAI joined together to learn from each other through numerous presentations, workshops and lectures. Over the past year, the MAAI teacher-leaders have developed standards-based units, including assessments, lesson plans and resources, and have provided guidance on how to select appropriate tools for classroom assessment. These materials are now available for review and use on the MAAI Resource Bank.

Representatives from the Department and arts organizations and institutions from across New England were in attendance at the Summit, including Lesley University, Lincoln Street Center and Northland Village Foundation, Maine Art Education Association, Maine Music Educators Association, Maine College of Art, New England Institute for Teacher Education, Portland Ovations, Portland Museum of Art, Portland Symphony Orchestra, and the Art Education and Music Education Departments of the University of Maine.

The Maine Arts Assessment Initiative was an initiative established in 2011 to create an environment in Maine where quality assessment is an integral part of the work of all integral part of the work of all arts educators in order to improve student achievement through teaching and learning. The initiative builds capacity through collaboration and the development of professional practices designed by teachers, for teachers.

For more information about MAAI, contact the Maine Arts Commission’s Director of Arts Education, Argy Nestor at or 207-287-2713.

For more information about arts integration, contact the DOE’s Visual and Performing Arts Specialist, Kevin Facer, at or 207-624-6826.

To read the above article on the Department’s website please click here.


Literacy Can Enhance Learning and Assessment in All the Arts

August 14, 2014

A clear message


Pam presenting at USM

Literacy conversations are taking place across the state in all classrooms. This is nothing new, literacy has been the hot topic and essential at all grade levels for a few years. Arts educators utilize, present, and support literacy instruction at varying levels. Some of you embrace it and others wish it would just go away. After all, the Maine Learning Results Visual and Performing Arts Standard A is Disciplinary Literacy.

Lisbon High School art teacher and Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI) Teacher Leader, Pam Ouellette, has put literacy in its rightful place in her visual arts classroom. Just this Spring (of 2014) Pam provided the keynote for the Maine Art Education Association conference at Brunswick High School. Two weeks ago Pam provided the morning session presentation for all participants at the Summit on Arts Education, USM, Portland. She has shared her power point with the MAAI and we’ve made it available to you on the new website at!inter–cross-disciplinary/crz6. Checking out the power point will give you a sense of the amazing work that Pam is doing in her classroom. She speaks eloquently about how her students are articulating fully about their artwork while telling the stories and making deeper connections.

Pam’s presentation should be seen by every Curriculum Leader, Literacy Specialist, School leader across the state. It is spot on and there is valuable information for everyone who hears her. If we can obtain a video of Pam presenting we will be sure and post that as well and you’ll be the first (or second) to know.

If you have questions or would like Pam to come to your school and provide her presentation to your staff please contact her.




Phase IV Teacher Leaders: MAAI

August 13, 2014

Teacher Leaders announced

MAAI Logo_Color_TxtCtrThe Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI) is proud to announce the new Teacher Leaders who have stepped up to take on a leadership role during phase IV and the 2014-15 school year. The Summit on Arts Education officially launched Phase IV of the MAAI with the Summit on Arts Education held at USM, Portland, July 29-August 1.

The following are the new Teacher Leaders and below them you will find the Teacher Leaders returning for another year from a previous phase. To date, MAAI has provided professional development for 61 Teacher Leaders representing all regions of Maine. These teachers have created and presented workshops to over 1000 Maine educators during the first three phases of MAAI. Please join me in thanking them for taking on the leadership and providing learning opportunities for Maine teachers! MMAAI has 38 active teacher leaders participating during Phase IV! YAHOOOOO!

During the 2014-15 school year you will be able to read their Another Arts Teacher’s Story which is a series of blog post containing the Teacher Leaders stories. You can read the teacher stories from the last three years by searching for them on the blog using the search words “Another Arts Teacher’s Story”.

For a complete listing of the MAAI Teacher Leaders from all four phases please go to the new website and check out the Who We Are page under MAAI, specifically at!teacher-leaders/ceac.

New Teacher Leaders


  • Cynthia Keating, grades K-2, Village Elementary School, York
  • Frances Kellogg, grades K-4, Ellsworth Elementary Middle School
  • Pamela Kinsey, grades K-12, Easton Schools
  • Kate Smith, grades PK-3, Central Elementary School, South Berwick


  • Theresa Cerceo, grades K-12, Dr. Levesque Elementary School, Wisdom Middle/High School
  • Samantha Davis, grades 6-8, Molly Ockett Middle School
  • Michaela DiGianvittorio, grades 9-12, Gray-New Gloucester High School
  • Sarah Gould, grades 9-12, Gray-New Gloucester High School


  • Emma A. Campbell, grades 9-12, Thornton Academy

Returning Teacher Leaders from Phase I, II, and/or III


  • Drew Albert, grades 9-12, Maranacook Community High School
  • Sue Barre, grades 5-12, Waterville Senior High School
  • Jennifer Etter, grades 5-8, York Middle School
  • Judy Fricke, early childhood, Maine Street Music Studios
  • Patricia Gordan, grades K-4, Raymond Elementary School
  • Jane Kirton, grades 9-12, Sanford High School
  • Linda McVety, grades K-5, Songo Locks Elementary School
  • Jen Nash, grades 5-8, Sebasticook Valley Middle School
  • Jenni Null, grades K-6, Songo Locks Elementary School
  • Ashley Smith, grades 9-12, Brunswick High School
  • Jake Sturtevant, grades 9-12, Bonny Eagle High School
  • Shari Tarleton, grades 6-8, Brunswick Junior High School


  • Amy Cousins, grades 6-8, Gorham Middle School
  • Melanie Crowe, grades 6-8, Marshwood Middle School
  • Jennie Driscoll, grades 9-12, Brunswick High School
  • Suzanne Goulet, grades 9-12, Waterville Senior High School
  • Gloria Hewett, grades 6-8, Mount View Middle School
  • Lisa Ingraham, grades K-4, Madison Elementary School
  • Danette Kerrigan, grades 6-8, Sacopee Valley Middle School
  • Charlie Johnson, grades 9-12, Mount Desert Island High School
  • Lisa Marin, grades K-12, Jonesport-Beals High School and Union #103
  • Brian McPherson, grades K-5, Woodside Elementary School
  • Jeff Orth, grades 6-12 Richmond Middle/High Schools
  • Pam Ouellette, grades 9-12, Lisbon High School
  • Janie Snider, grades K-8, Hancock Grammar School


  • MaryEllen Schaper, grades 6-8, Bonny Eagle Middle School


  • Beth Lambert, grades 9-12, Carrabec High School
  • Lisa Neal, grades 9-12, Nokomis Regional High School

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