Arts Education and 21st Century

February 4, 2010

Dr. Victoria Stevens

We know and understand that the arts need to be an integral part of the 21st century education for all students. Dr. Victoria Stevens has a video and .pdf on the importance of creative thinking and arts education available on her website. Dr. Stevens’ information could assist you in your communications about the importance of arts education.

In Dr. Stevens own voice…

“The role that training and exposure to the arts play in education is totally dependent upon how one defines the goal of education. Is the goal of education to inspire children to think, question and to be able to determine through conscious judgment a course of action that includes their own well-being as well as the well-being of those they come into contact with, and to have the ability to apply self-discipline to whatever they choose as a career path, and to interact well with those with whom they work and choose to have in their personal life? Or is it to turn out young adults who are competent enough to enter the work force, are obedient to authority (or rebellious against it), have little or no interpersonal skills, as well as having little or no intrapersonal skills?”

Valuable information, I recommend that you watch her 9 min. video and visit her website.

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