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Unlocking the Digital Door

February 7, 2010

MLTI Winter/Spring 2010 Regional Workshops

Overview:  To fully communicate, collaborate, participate, teach, and learn, we must be able and willing to open the “digital doors” that are today’s gateways. Each digital door opens opportunities, but it can be difficult to navigate among them. For some of us, the process of opening, entering, and experimenting comes naturally. For others, the doors are more mysterious than inviting.

Regardless of which side of the digital door you are, this regional MLTI workshop is designed to support you in improving the existing effectiveness of technology in your curriculum. Whether you are ready to take a first step, such as using technology as a substitute for traditional instruction, or are moving on to redefine your curriculum, such as experimenting with virtual environments, this meeting is for you. For those taking the first step, the MLTI staff will provide introductions to appropriate options that are available, both on the MLTI MacBooks and on the Web. For those who are more experienced, we’ll give you the freedom to explore the latest innovations as they relate to your curriculum. For everyone, the goal of the day will be to leave with a meaningful plan that results in improved engagement for student learning and continuing professional development for you.

Outcomes:  Participants will…

  • Know how to access live and recorded online professional development opportunities such as MLTI webinars, webcast recordings, and podcasts;
  • Begin to create a personal learning network using social networking tools like LearnCentral and Twitter;
  • Plan and create a virtual learning environment for students using a combination of tools that may include class web sites, blogs, wikis, Nings, Studywiz, etc.

Activities: The format for the workshop will be a combination of direct instruction and facilitated, independent work time. We will begin by helping participants unlock the digital door for their own learning and then continue to support participants as they make a plan for unlocking the door for students and inviting them into a virtual learning environment. We will look at Adobe Connect, LearnCentral, and Twitter as ways for teachers to access online professional development and create personal learning networks. We will brainstorm a list of possible ways teachers can build virtual learning environments for students and help each participant plan and begin to construct one.

Follow up: The MLTI staff will offer continued online support for participants and schedule follow-up face-to-face workshops as needed.

To register: Please visit our Events Page at to find a link to online registration. Please note, each session can accommodate 20 participants.

Audience: Grades 7 – 12 Teachers who want to learn more about entering and working in virtual environments for teaching and learning. No prior knowledge or experience is required, and participants will be shown many options from which they can choose.

To Bring: MLTI Device, charger, snacks/lunch/beverages

Times: 8:00am – 3:00pm

February 23: Noble HS
February 24: Biddeford MS
February 25: Bonny Eagle MS
February 26: Mt Ararat Central Office
March 1: Wiscasset HS
March 2: Auburn MS
March 3: Skowhegan HS
March 4: Winslow HS
March 5th Piscataquis HS
March 8th Ellsworth Central Office
March 10th Washington Academy
March 12th Fort Fairfield MS/HS

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