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Proposed Educational Cuts

February 16, 2010

Email from Sandra Sharood – music educator, Scarborough Middle School

I am writing this email to share my concern over the proposed educational cuts in Scarborough. It is time for the people of Scarborough to renew their support for education in the 21st century. This is a critical time for our youth who are facing challenges that previous generations have never before seen. Our students need to be fluent in their uses of technology and learn to become life long learners so as to keep up with rapid changes that are demanded of them.

Research shows us the importance of creativity, innovation and critical thinking skills and how art and music increase these skills. As a music teacher, I am aware of the role that music plays in promoting these characteristics along with increased math skills and spatial reasoning. Music has directly been linked to higher SAT scores. Not only is it linked to scholastic aptitude but research has shown it to improve student behavior and attitude. I believe cutting music programs in Scarborough will have an immediate negative impact on the learning outcomes of our students.

Our general music curriculum at the middle school is heavily invested in its use of technology. Students learn music theory and performance in our keyboard lab. They use “Garageband” on their laptops to compose and edit music. They also use this application to creating music history teaching podcasts and projects. Middle school general music is part of a spiral curriculum that is continued in the music lab at the high school.

Further information about the benefits of music education can be found on the MENC and AMC websites. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Sandra Sharood
Band/Music Teacher
Scarborough Middle School

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