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MSAD #15 Teachers Travel to DC

August 7, 2010

SAD 15 teachers attend the Smithsonian Mobile Learning Lab in Washington, D.C.

Four SAD 15 teachers spent the third week of July at the Smithsonian
Mobile Learning Lab in Washington, D.C. learning about the use of mobile
digital media in the classroom. Kristi Fecteau (6th grade math and science), Barbie Weed (middle school art), Michaela Lyons (high school art), and Nikki Huntington (fourth grade) worked with other teachers from around the country to create curriculum that utilized augmented reality applications on mobile phones created by Nokia.

The unit that the SAD 15 teachers created will integrate multiple subjects and will connect the Gray-New Gloucester High School, Middle School, and Dunn Elementary. This exceptional development opportunity was provided by the Pearson Foundation through SAD 15’s affiliation with the Partnership for Next Generation Learning. For more information please click here. And to learn more about the funding source please click here.

Michaela Lyons, Kristi Fecteau, Barbie Weed, Nikki Huntington

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