October 13, 2010

Technology, Entertainment, Design comes to Maine

Sarah Sutter, myself, Jim Moulton and Bette Manchester

If you’ve been a regular visitor on the meartsed blog you’ve seen some of my favorite TED videos that I’ve shared. I do love to watch them, I learn so much. When the chance came to apply to attend the TEDxDirigo I couldn’t resist. Within a few days of submitting my application I got word that I was accepted to the first event in Maine. Needless to say, I was very excited!

I headed down to Brunswick on Sunday for the 9:00 AM start. The schedule was filled with 15 TEDx Maine presentations that were very interesting. There were a handful of TED videos in between some of the live ones. During the breaks yummy food was provided and the opportunity to talk to presenters and the 100 attendees. In fact, the organizers encourage folks to talk to other attendees. That is one of the main purposes of the event!

It was a marvelous day, I left with a smile on my face and my brain filled with ideas and a desire to think more creatively all the time. I was inspired over and over in an environment that felt like something really magical. I look forward to listening to the TEDxDirigo again since in the true spirit of TED they will be online in the near future for easy access.

The presenters included the following Maine folks and the title of their topics and some website information:

  • Richard Lugg – Hybrid Engines in Aerospace – SonicBlueAerospace.com
  • David McLain – Living a Life of Purpose and Intention – MergeGroup.com
  • John Piotti – No Farms, No Food, No Future – MaineFarmlandTrust.org
  • Gola Wolf Richards – Sage Qualities in Character Evolve Bountiful Quantities of Timely Change – GolaWolfRichards.org
  • Zoe Weil – The World Becomes What You Teach – HumaneEducation.org
  • Thatcher Cook – Pictography as a Tool for Social Change
  • Peter Arnold – It’s My Job to Save the World; It Can Be Yours Too – Chewonki.org
  • John Paul Caponigro – You’re a Lot More Creative Than You Think You Are – JohnPaulCaponigro.com
  • Antonio Rocha – Transitions in Eloquence – The Unique Performance Approach of Antonio Rocha – StoryInMotion.com
  • Roxanne Quimby – Hives of Creativity Part 1: Why We Need Artist Colonies – QuimbyColony.org
  • John Bisbee – Hives of Creativity Part 2: Processes of Art Colonies – Bowdoin.edu
  • Don Perkins – Century 21.0 – The Ocean Century – gmri.org
  • Paul Josephson – Why We All Need to be Neo-Luddites – Colby.edu
  • Lisa Blake – Breath as Inspiration – MaineMindfulnessProject.com
  • Russell Libby – Beyond the ‘Roadrunner’ Economy – mofga.org

You can learn more about them at the TEDxDirigo website by clicking here and plan on attending the next TEDxDirigo.

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