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EdSteps Launches Work Collection for Creativity

December 12, 2010

Collecting creativity work samples

The Council of Chief State School Officers’ (CCSSO) EdSteps program is now officially collecting work samples that demonstrate creativity. EdSteps is an innovative online resource for teaching and assessment that is being built by people from every corner of the country and across the globe who submit and review student work samples. The work is focused on five skill areas that are important to college and career readiness, and are typically difficult and costly to assess: writing, global competence, creativity, problem solving, and analyzing information. In order to foster creativity in schools, educators must have a practical means of appreciating, understanding, and assessing creativity in partnership with their students.

EdSteps is seeking creativity work samples that represent a broad spectrum of student work in terms of grade level, subject area, demographics, ability level, and geography. It can be a video of a school play or a picture. It can be a graph about baseball statistics or a poem.

After EdSteps collects the student work in each of the skill areas, the public reviews the work and ultimately, it will be presented in a continuum — a gradual progression — from emerging to accomplished work. Teachers, parents, and students will be able to access the continuums online to answer central questions for student growth: Where is a particular student now, and what should he or she do to improve?

To help build EdSteps by submitting work or reviewing work, visit or contact for more information. EdSteps is being designed by Council of Chief State School Officers; The New York Times; and partners from state departments of education, school districts, institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations, and businesses. EdSteps is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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