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Two Kinds of People

December 17, 2010

Daniel Pink and his whole new mind

If you haven’t read Daniel Pink’s books A Whole New Mind and Drive I suggest you put them on your wish list. I tried to get Daniel Pink to travel to Maine for the statewide arts conference in October 2007 and I was informed that for $38,000 he would be here. I replied with “OUCH!” I asked the scheduler if he would come for a reduced fee if we fed him lobster, took him to see moose and provided a lovely day fishing on one of our beautiful ponds in Maine?! She responded negatively but said she’d be glad to come at no cost if we’d do the same for her. I suggested she create an inflatable sculpture of Dan and send it up with a tape recorded keynote speech. We laughed for a bit and hung up the phone with Dan staying south of Maine and us with another day at the drawing board finding a keynote speaker.

Fortunately with the use of technology I can read Dan’s latest blog posts at his site and he can push on my brain and not even know that he is doing me a service. I was able to hear him speak twice, once at the national art ed conference in New York City. So when I read his blogs I can hear his voice reading to me.

Anyway, he wrote this very short, to the point blog post on December 13th called There are two kinds of people in the world.

I am reprinting it here for each of you to get a “quick think” in…

There are two kinds of people in the world . . .
Those who make your life easier — and those who make it harder.

Those whose presence helps you perform better — and those whose presence makes you do worse.

Those concerned about doing the work — and those concerned about getting the credit.

Those who leave you feeling up — and those who leave you feeling down.

Those who simplify — and those who complicate.

Those who listen when others are talking — and those who wait when others are talking.

Those who give — and those who take.

Those who last — and those who fade.

Which are you?

I certainly hope you are there for your students being the kind of person they each need at that very moment when you are needed most!

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