Moon Walk

December 25, 2010

A moon like no other

On the day of the scheduled eclipse earlier this week we were out for an early morning walk, my favorite time of day. We left just before the sky started to lighten, it was dark and chilly, the air was crisp. A couple of deep breathes heightened my senses.

We rounded the corner about 10 minutes into the walk and I could see something that almost resembled brightly colored Christmas lights in the trees. I thought, how odd that someone put lights so high up in the trees and I wondered how they did it?! As we got a little closer I quickly realized that it was the moon. For a split second I felt silly that I had mistaken it for something other than the moon. Why was I bewildered? It was the color and texture and I now find it almost impossible to describe accurately.

Neither my husband or myself had a phone to take a picture so we knew we had to depend on our minds to remember. We got past the trees to an open area and we stopped and stared at it for quite sometime. I realized that I had never seen the moon look like that before and stared at it for quite some time hoping our eyes would not forget.

It was a brilliant orange-red with shades of black throughout that made me think it was carefully crafted by an artist. It was a cross between a water color painting that had been sprinkled on by salt and marble paper. It wasn’t completely full but almost and it seemed to be suspended not far from the horizon. It was very surreal.

It was one of those life moments that reminded me of how tiny I am in the universe during the very small speck of time I am fortunate to live on this planet. The importance of making a difference day to day is a treasure that we have as arts educators. As many of us celebrate this joyous holiday season I hope each of you take a moment and go far a walk where I hope the world is in all its glory!

Happy Holidays!

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