Two Articles

December 30, 2010

Minn. teachers integrate movement, dance into curriculum
Some Minnesota educators are beginning to incorporate more movement, dance and the arts into classroom lessons, thanks to a two-year professional-development program. One high-school philosophy teacher asks students to consider the roles that emotion and reason play in analyzing art, and then students dance the salsa or the merengue as part of the lesson. Some teachers say students are better able to grasp the concepts of a lesson when movement is included. You can read the article written by Kelly Smith found in the Star Tribune, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, 12/7/10 by clicking here.

Private donors work to support arts in Charlotte, N.C., schools
Arts leaders in North Carolina are hoping to raise $1 million to fund field trips and cultural opportunities that have fallen victim to state and local budget cuts. Corporate donors have pledged $600,000 so far. “We don’t have a permanent solution, but this puts us at a better place than we would be otherwise,” the campaign’s leader said. “It’s a real collaboration with arts and sciences and schools.” You can read the article found in The Charlotte Observer written Ann Doss Helms, (N.C.) (12/14/10) by clicking here.

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