Help Out a Young Teacher

January 10, 2011

Got Art Supplies?

Janet Gallagher is an art teacher who is presently working at the Department in the certification office. Two people recently commented on how quickly the turn around is from the certification folks. Perhaps it is because of Janet’s creative skills.

Recently we bumped into each other in the break room and she told me about her son Brett who I had as a student in middle school several years ago. I suggested she put the story in words and that Maine educators might respond…

My son, Brett is a first year second grade teacher in the Philadelphia city school system. He is also responsible for teaching the students art, since they do not have an art teacher in their building. Since I am an art teacher, he is looking to me for assistance. I can provide ideas, books, etc., but he also needs supplies. If anyone has anything they could donate to the “Brett is now teaching art” fund, we would really appreciate it. Paper, pencils, markers, crayons, erasers, recycled materials such as paper towel rolls, we will take it all! I will arrange to get it from you. Contact me by phone 207-680-0493 or email jangal55@gmail.com.  Think how excited these young inner city students will be when they get boxes of supplies from Maine!

I happened to have a box filled with the styrofoam packing peanuts. The off white ones are actually biodegradable and if you put a spot of water on them, they will stick together and can be used for sculptures by even young children. I gave Janet a small box of them and suggested she ship those to PA since they would be light to mail. That kind of stuff would be helpful to Brett.


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