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Lake Region Fine Arts Workshop

January 19, 2011

Skyping with Lake Region-SAD #61

Recently I had the chance to join the arts staff meeting with SAD #61 by Skype. I will be the first to admit it is not ideal but it does give me a chance to touch base at staff meetings with arts teachers.

Molly Mains, middle school art teacher

I heard from them a few days later on how productive their two full days were. The staff was able to take stock of their programs and created a prioritized wish list for 1,2,3, and 5 years. They worked to develop curriculum units making templates that can be used across the district. And they completed scope and sequence templates for elementary and middle school.

The staff who participated in the two workshop days were:

  • Kathleen Beecher, Assistant Superintendent

Visual Art Staff:

  • Sandy Arris, high school
  • Cindy Worcester, high school
  • Molly Mains, middle school
  • Robin Greeley, elementary
  • Linda Stearns, elementary
  • Cathy Grigsby, elementary

Manual Arts:

  • Bruce Hilton, high school


  • Carmel Collins, high school

Music Staff:

  • Jenni Null, elementary
  • Linda McVety, elementary
  • Lee Martell, middle school
  • Eugene Long, high school
  • Paul Greenstone, middle & high school

SAD #61 is made up of Lake Region High, Lake Region Middle, Lake Region Vocational Center, and Songo Locks Schools located in Naples, Sebago Elementary School in Sebago, and Stevens Brook Elementary School in Bridgton.


Paul Greenstone working with drummers at Lake Region High School

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