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Snow Day Work

January 22, 2011

Catching up

I remember what a gift snow days were… I was reminded today as the snow fall is that the best thing about the weather is we have absolutely no control over what happens! We got more than was predicted today (about 12 inches here) and that is fine by me. I left for my early morning walk at dawn as the snow was falling lightly. When I returned an hour later my foot steps were almost gone and I realized it was coming down pretty hard. WOW, was it ever beautiful!

So, what did you do today if you were home because of the snow? I hope you did something fun and exactly what you wanted. I am sure if you have young children that there is a good chance you went out and played in the snow. I hope so!

Part of my day was spent meeting with people using video ichat. Since Rob Westerberg didn’t have school today he and Catherine Ring and I met using video chat to discuss the Maine Assessment Initiative. Just to keep all of you informed here is a list of the topics that we discussed today.

  • Discussion about who will be the Teacher Leaders who will help facilitate the work
  • Spring MAEA conference and MMEA All-State conference
  • Funding resources to carry out the arts assessment initiative
  • Statewide assessment conference, October 7th, USM – what will the title be?
  • Creating a time line

To keep all of you up to date on the details you can go to the wiki we’ve created. There is also a time line available that shows the history. Feel free to email or post your comments or questions below.

You can see by the screen shot picture I took our conversation was not only serious. This was the first time Rob had videochatted so we needed to document it!

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