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2010 TEDxDirigo Videos Online

January 26, 2011

Maine’s first TEDx conference held 10-10-10

Zoe Weil

You might remember the blog post I did in November after spending a Sunday in November at the first TEDxDirigo that took place in Brunswick. It was an amazing day and I went away feeling like I wished that others could have attended. All of you would have walked away with something valuable from the experience. I am glad to tell you that the talks were taped and the first batch has gone online for all the world to enjoy as much as I did. Some I’d liked more than others but that is to be expected. I hope that you will find at least one that inspires you, pushes on your thinking or other wise makes you smile. Let me know what you think of them. Click on the names below and you can view them (in the comfort of your own homes or classrooms)!

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