Friday Again!

January 28, 2011

To realize the value of a week…

Kate Smith, Central Elementary, South Berwick, teaching the Bones

Just got what I call a “send along its way email”. I usually take a second and read them but rarely find ones I’d pass on. Sometimes they stop me and give me the opportunity to pause from the busy crazy life I live. This one helped me pause, it was sent by a dear friend and colleague, a veteran middle school educator. It’s about valuing a time period, with examples starting at 10 years and down to one second. Sometimes we say: “if I had been there 1 second earlier or later, this would have happened to me”.

Instead of passing the email on to others, I am using it to suggest that you stop and breathe and take life in to the fullest. Each moment of the day is very important to your students who come and go from your classrooms across the state of Maine. We’re all in this together, your joys and sorrows are similar to others. Successes with students are meant to be celebrated and the failures provide the chance to learn and grow.

I’m packing to leave for the Winter Retreat today and tomorrow at Point Lookout in Northport. About 100 educators will attend to share and learn and celebrate. Whenever teachers gather I think it is important to celebrate. In my opinion teaching is the most important profession in the world and we need to celebrate the good work that educators do each and every day!

So, whether you’ll be at the Winter Retreat or not please lift your glass to the most noble profession in the world! Please continue to provide learning opportunities for all students and realize the value of a moment of education!

One comment

  1. How true, how true!
    As we say so often in education, and in life – “It’s all about the relationship.”
    Breathe, love, laugh, cry, sigh with those about whom you care.

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