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Listen to the Wind

February 8, 2011

Integrated unit

Art teacher Katharine Ayer and third grade teacher Mary O’Brien have been team teaching an integrated unit based on the book “Listen to the Wind”, by Greg Mortenson. Students have been learning about a different country and culture, retelling a story, creating collage background and puppet characters, and acting out the retelling.

Katharine presenting at the Winter Retreat

Last weekend at the Winter Retreat Katharine and Mary presented the work they have been involved with and shared snippets of video tape. I was thrilled when I received the link to the entire performance. I am sure you will be impressed with the work the students have done and delighted to watch the video by clicking here.

Katharine and Mary are one of six teams that were selected to create integrated units. Funding for this project is from the ARRA funds through Maine’s NCLBA Title IID grant. The grant is being administered by Syntiro.

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