Stephen Bowen – Commissioner of Education

February 17, 2011

Governor announces Education Commissioner Nominee

02/16/2011 03:42 PM EST

Augusta, Maine – Governor LePage has nominated Stephen Bowen as Department of Education commissioner. Bowen is a Senior Policy Advisor for Governor LePage’s administration. Bowen advises the governor on education, government reform, and budgetary matters, as well as marine resources policy.

Bowen taught social studies for a decade in middle and high schools in Virginia and Maine prior to joining the Center for Education Excellence at the Maine Heritage Policy Center in 2007. As director for the Center for Education Excellence Bowen produced research and reports on education policy issues from school choice and charter schools to school finance and school district consolidation.

As a former educator, Bowen will bring the experience from the classroom to the Department to help develop reform that focuses on students. “As for the students we serve, our every effort – every program, every initiative, every attempt at reform – needs to focus like a laser on their individual needs as learners and as people,” said Bowen. “I think we can build a system like that. I look forward to the work ahead, and I am deeply honored that the governor has entrusted me with this important office.”

“It’s bittersweet. Steve has done a marvelous job as Senior Policy Advisor,” said Governor LePage. “I’ve said education is a top priority and I know Steve has the leadership and loyalty that can turn our education system around. I appreciate his willingness to take over.”

In 2002, Bowen was elected to the first of two terms in the Maine House of Representatives, representing Camden and Rockport. During that time, he served on the Marine Resources and State and Local Government Committees, and the Select Committee on Regionalization and Community Cooperation. He served on the legislature’s Appropriations Committee during his second term in the House. Bowen is from Rockport. He has a B.A. in Political Science from Drew University and a Masters of Education from George Mason University.

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