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World Cup Biathlon: Presque Isle and Fort Kent

February 19, 2011


Last week AOS#95 (Fort Kent) and Madawaska schools were not in session for two days during the World Cup Baithlon. I read the newspaper articles and spoke to a friend who was there and it sounded so exciting. Then I got an email from music educator Ed Boynton describing some of the event. After exchanging a few emails with Ed I am able to put this blog post together, so consider this Ed’s story….

There were athletes from all over the world welcomed in private homes and dormitories during the four days of competition. Hearing so many different languages and being able to interact with so many people from such a variety of cultures was a wonderful learning experience.

Two science teachers from SAD #33 (Wisdom Middle/High School) took their science classes to the Biathlon Thursday, and several of the students were so enthralled with the events and the atmosphere that they returned to the venue.

I think AOS #95 and Madawaska school systems should be recognized for co-operating with the Biathlon Committee and encouraging their staff and students to be part of this fantastic international event.  It was mentioned that there were more live television cameras covering the races than there were at the Super Bowl.

The Ice Castle downtown was built with ice taken from Little Black Lake the same way it was cut and distributed for refrigeration in the old days. I believe each block weighed over 300 pounds.

Melanie Saucier was one of the featured vocalists at the festivities held downtown. Melanie is a sophomore at Community High here in Fort Kent.  She has studied opera for the past several years. She has made All Aroostook and All State Chorus for the past two years. She is my lead alto sax player in jazz/pep band.

As far as next year, the last Biathlon was held in Fort Kent in 2004.  This year the 7th and 8th world cup competitions were held in Presque Isle and Fort Kent. I understand there are a series of eight competitions that form the world cup.  The athletes headed to Norway for the final competition (kind of like a series of NASCAR races).  Fort Kent and Presque Isle will continue to bid for the next world cup, but there is no guarantee  it will be back – ever.

More information and photos can be found at the following links:


Snow sculpture created by Wisdom Middle/High School students, MSAD #33, Winter Carnival, Saint Agatha

Snow Sculptures are created as part of the Wisdom Middle/High Winter Carnival.  Each of the Valley high schools (Van Buren, Wisdom Madawaska, Fort Kent) has some sort of winter carnival in which grades compete with each other.  Besides sports, there are song competitions, guitar and drum solos, dance performances, rock band competitions, and paintings created. These are held each year before or after February break and are great learning experiences and morale boosters. Wisdom’s theme was The 90’s and Fort Kent’s was Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame.

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