Music to Motivate

February 21, 2011

Music ed renaissance builds student character and discipline

In a recent publication of Scholastic Administrators in an article titled “Five School Districts Reinvented” the author Pamela Derringer describes 5 schools/districts and their work in reforming schools. In these examples it is one individual who takes on the challenge of leading the changes.

The 4th story told in the article describes Indianapolis’ music program. “Seventeen years ago, Indianapolis’s music program was gutted by budget cuts. But now, thanks to two music-promoting superintendents in succession, first Duncan “Pat” Pritchett and now Eugene White, music has made a huge comeback.” The article includes the highlights including a grant for $1.1 million which initially bought 1600 musical instruments for grade 5 and 6 students. Support was provided to teachers to help build the program over the last decade, and recognized the value in collaboration and partnerships. And a K-12 magnet school for performing arts was established.

Dr. Duncan was recognized for his commitment by the VH1 Save the Music in 2005. You might remember reading about the town of Harmony, ME and music teacher Iris Fields and the funding acquired from VH1 in September, 2010.

You can read about the reform in Indianapolis and the other four schools/district by clicking here.

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