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NYC: National Expectations for Arts Ed

February 28, 2011

Next steps with the national arts standards


I arrived in NYC last Wednesday afternoon and met my colleague Ana Cardona from Michigan at LaGuardia Airport so we could grab a taxi together to the perfectly located Crowne Royal Hotel on Broadway.

After checking in we walked towards Lincoln Center through Central Park. We stopped to see the Strawberry Fields Memorial to John Lennon and saw Snowdrops coming through the snow. We arrived early to help set up for the reception being held for our organization of State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE). Scott Noppe-Brandon, the Executive Director greeted us and we were provided with a brief overview of the arts education programs they are presently working with as part of the Center and as outreach to schools and communities. Afterwards we had supper at an Indian restaurant called Sapphire. It was delicious!

Laurie Lock and Chiho Okuizumi from VH1 Save the Music

On Thursday morning we met at VH1 Save the Music and were greeted by Chiho Okuizumi. I met Chiho in September in Maine when she was making arrangements with Iris Fields for the funding provided by VH1 for students in the school in Harmony, ME. She and her colleague Laurie Lock gave us an overview of the program later on in the day.

SEADAE colleagues hard at work

Our meeting started with an update of the National Expectations work and the day ended with strategic planning. The day before  SEADAE leadership met with our national partners including MENC, NAEA, EdTA, AATE, NDEO, AEP, and College Board. I have a better understanding of where the work is at this point. I feel confident that it will go forward stronger due to the understanding that now exists with the partners. Here are the important points:

  • The governance body has an  understanding of the work we do and because of this are now in a position to better assist us.
  • The survey of the states recently completed helped the entire team understand the work that is being led by the arts specialists who have been involved in standards development in each state.
  • The meeting on Wednesday heard reports provided by College Board staff who have participated in the development of the ELA and Math Common Core and the Conceptual Framework for Science.
  • College Board’s support for the effort SEADAE is leading provided important background information. This information will be available shortly and I will share it here.
  • SEADAE has a strategic plan that will provide the states with a  national perspective.
  • The effort is grounded in research collected by SEADAE about what is happening in each of the states. This  will be posted in the near future so you can see how Maine fits into the national picture.
  • We can expect a draft of the National Expectations sometime during the fall of 2012.

As I stated in the past as the work unfolds I will keep you informed through this blog.

14 states represented at the SEADAE meeting

That evening I went to supper with my colleague from Arizona Lynn Tuttle and Chiho. Afterwards 7 of us went to see Driving Miss Daisy with Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones. It was absolutely FABULOUS. The actors really draw the audience into the characters. Humor, love, friendship, and trust are portrayed in an amazing way. I highly recommend it!

NYC on Broadway


Heading to the theater


A Very Full Week

February 28, 2011

Ohio, NYC, ice fishing, sleigh riding

My mom

I spent last weekend in Ohio visiting my 92 year-old mother who is living with my sister’s family. It was great to visit with all of them and catch up. My mother absolutely loves to play Scrabble so we did, three times. I think it is the first time I have ever been able to win against her. Luckily she has a friend who plays with her once a week and family members who play. I just hope I am still around at 92 playing Scrabble or doing whatever else I love to do at that time in my life! I especially enjoy when she reminisces and shares stories from the past. Her greatest joy is when my sister’s two and 1/2 year old grandson visits. They have a special relationship. I look forward to her visit to Maine in May. She did request there be no snow during her visit. Hmmmmm…

I returned home for one day and flew south on Wednesday to New York City for a meeting with my colleagues, the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE). The day before our meeting our SEADAE leaders who are working on the National Expectations in Arts Education met with the partners who are leading the work. It was a great opportunity to learn about the progress which I will share with you in another blog post called NYC: National Expectations for Arts Ed. I also had the opportunity to see “Driving Miss Daisy” with Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones and as you can imagine it was SUPERB! It was definitely one of THE BEST performances I’ve ever seen. WOWZER is all I can say!

My trip back to Maine was quite an adventure since I was scheduled to fly out on Friday morning at 9:20. Yes, just as the snowstorm was starting in most of Maine. And no, I was not able to get that flight nor several after that. You can read about that adventure that seems so surrealistic to me in a post called I tried to get home, REALLY!

Over the weekend I helped out at a twice a year kid’s ice fishing derby and went for a sleigh ride at a friends home. You can read about those adventures on the blog post called Winter Activities in Maine.

I hope you had a great winter vacation. Even though I worked part of last week as you can see I did enjoy the week!

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