Invite a Representative to School Week

April 1, 2011

Open your classroom

This guest post was contributed by 2nd grade teacher Kevin Grover from DW Lunt School in Falmouth. Kevin is the 2010 Maine Teacher of the Year. I think this is a great idea and suggest you join in by inviting a representative to your classroom so help them become aware of the important work you are doing as an arts educator.

Kevin videotaping at the Teacher of the Year ceremony, March 2010

I propose that you join me in contacting local town councilors, school board members, state representatives and federal representatives. These elected officials should spend at least one hour in a classroom between Monday, April 25 to Friday, April 29 . It is not a time for a panel discussion, whole school assemblies in honor of prestigious guests or catered lunches. It is time for sitting in on a math lesson, reading to a few students or joining teachers on their 20 minute lunch break at the photocopier. Please don’t plan on showcasing a favorite lesson or prepare anything special. A usual day in your classroom will be enough. It is time for a dose of reality.

I have designed a wikispace at http://reptoschoolweek.wikispaces.com/ to be shared with other teachers from around our nation. Feel free to check it out and send it to your teaching colleagues in other school systems.

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