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April 8, 2011


In the Bangor Daily News Business section, April 1st, an article entitled The power of IMAGINATION written by Matt Wickenheiser presents the role of creativity and imagination as vital in transforming ideas into reality. For example, Transformit is a business located in Gorham where they design, produce, and install interior tension fabric structures to the high artistic standards of their founder, Cynthia Thompson, MFA. Thompson says: “they put art into business”.  “Research and development for any company going — I don’t care what it is — needs imagination,” she said. “Everyone wants America to be powerful, the key is innovation.”

The article goes on to explain the Imagination Conversation that has been postponed until June being that will be held at USM, Portland campus. Maine and each state in the nation are having Imagination Conversations as part of work from the Lincoln Center in New York City.

I urge you to read the entire article by clicking here and consider writing a letter to the editor with your thoughts on the connections and importance of arts education to developing imagination, creativity, and the future of the Maine economy.

Thank you to Matt Wickenheiser and the Bangor Daily News for permission to link and include the photo in this post.

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  1. Those tensioned fabric designs are sooo very neat! I’ve driven by the Moss shop in Belfast for years and admired the various designs they display while thinking “I’d love to have one of those for my house!” Imagination is a marvelous thing.

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