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Signs of Spring

April 24, 2011

The sound of peepers were in the air last night and on our early morning walk we saw deer tracks and heard plenty of robins chirping. We picked up trash and bottles/cans on the side of the road before the grasses grow so tall we can’t see it. Raking the leaves out of the flower bed revealed all the small green shoots of plants coming out of the soil.

Today for Easter we had our traditional Greek celebration with red eggs, my Yiayia’s (grandmother’s) lamb fricasse, spanakopita, lemon potatoes, salad, and galatoboudiko. We are fortunate to have my 92 year old Mother visiting for a few days.

I absolutely love looking at the daffodils outside and even more inside each morning. It is hard not to smile when I start my day with the intense yellow. Happy Spring everyone!

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