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May 1, 2011

A good use for Skype

Not to long ago I did a blog post called Video Blog about a site with art videos that are being created by future art educators in a Technology for Art Education majors course at Montclair State University in New Jersey. I emailed the professor to ask permission to use the banner from the site and to learn more about the class. Turns out that the instructor, Harold Olejarz, is a middle school art teacher during the day and a Google Certified Teacher. He asked me if I was interested in skyping with his class to tell them about arts education in Maine. I was telling a colleague about it and he suggested using Call Recorder for Skype so the call could be shared. Harold tried it and the link below to his classes blog includes the results of the interview. Post a comment on how you’ve used Skype or Videoichat for educational purposes.

Good luck to the students in Harold’s course as they continue on their journey to become arts teachers and thank you to Harold for opportunity!

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