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Mother’s Day

May 8, 2011

Special day

I know how fortunate I am today to have my mother visit with me for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, my sons couldn’t share the day but we continued with our tradition of traveling to Damariscotta Mills to see the alewives. We were glad to have my mom, my brother and sister in law join us.

We walked along gazing into the dark water to locate the alewives that are struggling to swim upstream to spawn at the pond at the top. During the last few years they have been restoring the fish ladder to make the traveling a bit easier. 

When we arrived there were a handful of very serious photographers waiting patiently to capture the site of an eagle or an osprey seeking a meal. They weren’t disappointed and neither were we. There were not as many fish as we sometimes see but there were plenty of seagulls and one osprey.

The sun was shining, the work done on the ladder since last mother’s day is remarkable, and more memories were made. Even without my sons we played “Pooh sticks” on the bridge, the last part of our visits tradition.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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