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Double Tulip(s)

June 4, 2011

Spring marches on

Last year I was given a bunch of flower bulbs that I call “mystery bulbs”. The names were unfamiliar and there were no pictures to give me a clue as to what they might look like. I planted them and forgot about them over the winter. This Spring my beautiful red tulips came as they normally do and about a week later I noticed 5 different types of flower bulbs that resembled tulips. Some had pointy tips at the top of the flower, some were bright yellow, and some were very petite. And then I noticed a flower hidden in a close by small bush that hadn’t gotten it’s leaves yet. At a closer look I noticed that there were two flowers. And still closer I noticed only one stem. How could this be?! I don’t know if this is the type of tulip or a fluke. I have searched online and haven’t learned anything. I wonder if any of you are familiar with this flower? If so, please write and let me know.

The connection with education – we have numerous opportunities to learn more and deeper on any topic then any other time in history due to technology. I can research individually, join an online conversation with others on any topic imaginable, and/or pose questions to experts to learn more.

And, the flowers related to students – each student is unique whose interests often lead them on their journey of life. We, as educators, are in the unique position of guiding their learning. We can recognize them for their uniqueness and nurture them by learning more about them to help them reach their potential.

During my wonderings about this flower in the past few days I decided to take it into the house so I could enjoy it close up and more often, by placing it in the center of my kitchen table. And of course, take a picture of it. And ask you if you’ve ever seen a similar flower and if so, what you might know about this unique beauty.

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