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What a Weekend!

June 6, 2011

Some days and weekends are filled only with work for me but this weekend was different. Twice a year there is a kids fishing derby on Seven Tree Pond which my husband helps run. I offered to put my kayak in the water and take photos of the kids fishing from the beach. It was great fun and as I paddled and clicked I was overcome by how beautiful it was. Before I knew it my boat was headed for Round Pond which is connected by the narrow part of the St. George River. It was flat with the reflections of the clouds waking my senses. A great blue heron followed me down part of the river and I could see fish jumping not to far from my boat. I wanted to float for hours.

The afternoon found me planting my flower bed and enjoying the breeze that came up to keep the bugs off. I have tried for years to grow lupines and this year they are filling in at the edge of my lawn. YES! I do love them and look forward to them being in full bloom so I can paint them.

Ahhhhh, Youth…

Later on I got a phone call from my younger son who is working as a freshman orientation leader at University of Rhode Island. He has applied to be a “Seasonaire” for Jack Wills clothing and the application required a 1 minute video. You can check it out and click “like” if of course, you like it, which might help him get the internship. His name is Nick Nestor Kleiner.

Towards supper, my older son Noah called from Bar Harbor where he had been rock climbing. He works in Stowe, ME at Summit Achievement, which is a residential treatment center. Part of each week students participate in wilderness expeditions which is part of Noah’s job. The work is intense and is 24-7 for a week straight and the next week off. As he headed back to Summit he stopped in with three friends he had been climbing with and picked up his canoe.

Matt, Sonja, Noah, and Evan

I suggest all of you take some time to look at the clouds, go for a walk, paint your favorite flowers, sit outside and turn on the music, go fishing, have a cook-out, visit with family and friends, and smile at the great weather we are having!


Learning at all Levels

June 6, 2011

Life-long learning

Alice's students perform

I am so fortunate to be able to meet passionate educators throughout the state who provide arts education opportunities for students in and out of school. And quite often I get to meet students who share their learning with me and their excitement for the arts. Two weeks ago while on the listening tour with Commissioner Bowen I met music teacher Alice St. Clair at the Beatrice Rafferty School in Pleasant Point. Alice has been there since January where the studeBnts at the reservation school have gone without music for 5 years. It was amazing to see and hear her students perform after only 5 short months. Alice also voluntarily serves as the Artistic Director of the Eastport Strings. You can read about an upcoming event they are having that you can attend for contact hours by clicking here.

Lori in her classroom

While traveling from the listening tour in Calais to the MLTI conference in Orono I had a few extra minutes so I stopped at Brewer High School to congratulate art teacher Lori Spruce in person whose 9th grader, Morgan Forrest was a finalist for the Doodle 4 Google contest. Lori shared more good Fnews. School Arts had a contest for Trading Cards which some of her students entered and one, Morgan Littlefield received Honorable Mention. There was a teacher category as well which Lori won first place. Congratulations Lori and to your student!

Lunch after the docent session

Last week I was pleased to visit the Farnsworth Art Museum for a session with the docents. This was my fourth visit with the docents in about 32 years. I was invited by docent Shirley Stenberg and enjoy meeting with the group who are interested in learning more about working with students who visit the museum on field trips. I look forward to seeing the docent handbook that is being created for their use. I understand the summer Lincoln Center Institute International Educator Workshop for teachers will be held for the second year at the museum.

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