Happy Retirement!

June 7, 2011


The following arts educators are retiring this year. I appreciate your contributions and years of dedication to educate students in the arts. Congratulations on your retirement!

  • Jay Hoagland, Belfast Area High School, visual arts – 25+ years
  • Sarah Tabor, Bangor High School, visual arts – 28 years
  • Pat Craig, Hampden Academy, visual arts – 34 years
  • Carlene Hirsch, Bangor High School, theater
  • Gail Dufour, East End Elementary Schools, Portland, music – 26.9
  • Mark Nordli, Deering High School, Portland, music – 30.9 years
  • Denis Drobinski, Nathan Clifford School and Portland High School, music – 35.9
  • Judy Mason, Ella Lewis School, Peninsula School, RSU 24, visual arts – 14 years
  • Rush Brown, Sanford High School, visual arts – 21 years
  • Joyce Jack, Bonny Eagle Middle School, music – 37 years
  • Jennie Morrison, Cony, Augusta, visual arts – 35 years
  • Linda Stearns, Songo Locks School, Naples, visual arts – 40 years
  • Tom Block, Wiscasset High School, visual arts – 37 years
  • Linda Stanley, Westbrook High School, visual arts – 37 years
  • Jean Shorey, Canal Elementary School, Westbrook, visual arts – 27 years
  • Martha Michaud, Madawaska, music – 35
  • Kathy Keene, Hall School, Waterville, visual arts – 22 years
  • Brenda Angotti, Millinocket, music – 38 years
  • Iris Fields, Harmony, music – 40 years
  • Patti English, Winthrop, music – 24 years
  • Ginny Hallowell, Troy Howard Middle School, Belfast, visual arts – 26 years
  • Lucille Hussey, Massebesic Middle School, visual arts – 35 years
  • Debbie Chappell, Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School, visual arts
  • Katherine Snow, Brunswick High School, visual arts – 40+
  • Ronnie Decker, Leavitt High School, Turner, visual arts – 23 years

There may be others retiring that I am not aware of! If you or a colleague of yours is retiring from teaching please let me know. Thank you!

Rush Brown, Sandford High School

Linda Stanley, Westbrook High School

Jean Shorey, Westbrook

Iris Fields, Harmony

Carlene Hirsch, Bangor High School

Tom Block, Wiscasset

Joyce Jack, Bonny Eagle

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