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June 19, 2011

Camden Rockport Middle School

Throughout the school year, under the direction of art teacher Kristen Andersen, students created a 20 foot long, 5 feet high mosaic. The artwork based on an Eric Hopkins like painting has thousands of tiles. You can see the completed piece as well as the work in progress over the last seven months by going to the blog that Kristen set up so the community could follow the development of the work. If you have a chance to drop by the school and see if I would recommend you do. Click here to see images of the work as it was created.

I was able to be at the reception on the day it was unveiled. I wasn’t able to be there until the end of the event however there were still a few parents and students there. Eric Hopkins was on his way out and his face and few sentences communicated how impressed he was with the students’ accomplishment. Kristen of course, was very proud, and as you can see she has quite the smile on her face in the photo below. It was great to see the piece completed, installed, and once again I was reminded of the power of the arts in action! For years students can remember their part and return to school for generations and point to the section they completed. They can imagine that moment in time and know that each persons contributions are important to the whole.

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