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Maine Arts Education Assessment Institute

August 1, 2011

Lift-off is tomorrow!

Rob Westerberg just posted this to his Facebook….

Last August, Argy Nestor, Catherine Ring and I attended the New England Arts Assessment Institute in NH and outlined our vision for Maine. A year of planning later, we launch the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative tomorrow with 18 teacher leaders and 4 days of professional development in Portland. We’ve got the support of our new Commissioner and the Dept of Ed… a massive milestone for us this week!!!

Needless to say we are looking forward to an exciting 4 days and I look forward to sharing with you each day!




Lincoln Center Institute

August 1, 2011

Farnsworth Art Museum

The museum was the host for the Lincoln Center Institute (LCI) Insternational Educator Workshop last week. Returning from the last program held last summer, 15 teachers were involved in a two-day advanced program. And, 39 teachers attended a five day foundational program. Teachers traveled from all parts of Maine and 6 from Louisiana for the outstanding opportunity. The participants included art and music teachers, classroom teachers and administrators from K-12.

The approach is imaginative learning through aesthetic education: for teachers, teacher educators, teaching artists, with multiple partnerships. The institute uses the teachings of Maxine Greene to guide the experience. Looking and creating artwork, identifying the relevance to classroom curricula, framing a question. The overall work goes between creating and examing the artwork providing multiple opportunities for participants to drill down and stand on meaning. LCI believes that the imaginative experience can be applied across the curriculum.

Last year the visual art component connected with theater and this year it was visual art connecting with music. A live performance by the Louisiana Repertory Jazz Ensemble  was open to the public in the evening. On Thursday morning while visiting I had a chance to be there for the private performance just for the participants. With a group of mostly art teachers who were beginners to music they asked many basic questions and were in awe (as I was) of the musicians and their music making. It was great to hear the questions and answers as the group learned together. There was even some dancing and music making from the group as they appreciated the music of Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, New Orleans Rhythm Kings, and King Oliver to name a few.



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