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Summer Arts Institute: Day 4

August 8, 2011


Music educators Bill Buzza and Shari Tarleton collaborating

Today, Friday, was devoted to bringing it all together. Participants focused on creating their presentation draft for the statewide arts ed conference and their regional workshop. The statewide conference will be held on October 7th at USM, Portland campus. Titles and content were put together and participants shared their overview to the entire teacher leader team.

It was exciting to hear their articulated ideas which was a reflection on who they are as arts educators and their unique perspective they bring to their teaching. When they come together for their presentations at the conference on October 7th there will be a wide range of workshops for you to attend. I found myself wondering how I would choose as a conference participant.

MLTI educator Ann Marie Quirion Hutton and USM professor Jeff Beaudry

We wrapped up the day checking the consensogram to determine how much had been learned during the 4-day institute, filling out evaluations, and saying our so longs. During the next 2 months participants will rely on electronic communications to move towards being ready for the presentations on October 7th.

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