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American Association of School Administrators

August 15, 2011

March 2008

American Association of School Administrators (AASA) dedicated a complete issue of their professional journel to arts education in March 2008. Recently, while cleaning out, I came across my issue of The School Administrator and was reminded of the value of the issue called The Arts at K-12 Center Stage. I contacted the editor to inquire about .pdfs thinking it would be great to publish them on the meartsed blog. In a quick response by email I learned that the entire publication is posted online.

I suggest you check them out, the titles and writers of the articles include:

  • Why the Arts Deserve Center Stage by Richard J. Deasy, Director of Arts Ed Partnership
  • Bucking Trends: Expanding the Arts by Kathi R. Levin
  • Creating a Brighter Workforce With the Arts by Robert L. Lynch
  • The Arts in Contemporary Education by John M. Eger
  • Creating a Whole New World by Paul D. Houston

You can access these articles by going to this link:

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