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Katahdin, ’63 Mustang, Family Celebration

August 16, 2011

How I spent my summer vacation

Hiking Katahdin

I do love my job however, I must say that it is fun to get away even if it is only for a couple of days! My older son often “flies by the seat of his pants” so I thought I’d take a lesson and try it. With both sons home for a few days we left for Millinocket and stayed at the New England Outdoor Center. Their new cabins are quite special! The next morning we headed for Baxter State Park and hiked up the mountain from Katahdin Stream. Throughout the day we had a mixed bag of weather going from hot and sunny to humid to rainy to cold and back again. For those of you who have hiked Mount Katahdin you know how the trail varies from fairly easy to very difficult. I have the scrapes and bruises to show for it!

We blitzed home that night and took off very early the next day for a family reunion in New Jersey. Talk about flying by the seat of our pants! We were there for about 36 hours and had a wonderful visit. I had a chance to drive my mother-in-laws 1963 Mustang convertible and we gathered wtih family to celebrate high school and college graduations and summer birthdays. What fun!

As summer comes to an end I hope you will find a few minutes and fly by the seat of your pants! Have fun!

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