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Jar Project

August 17, 2011

Spring Gallery in Belgrade Lakes for the summer

The Jar Project, an installation consisting of sixty art-filled jars made by sixty artists with connections to Maine, is in Belgrade Lakes for the summer. The project was first displayed as part of Product: A Temporal Artist Marketplace at Whitney Art Works, in Portland. The jars vary in size, color and texture, and contain a range of genres and mediums including drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, and mixed media. The brainchild of Portland-based artist Alex Sax, the Jar Project highlights the creative contributions of numerous local talents, fusing their individual creations together in an installation that is in equal parts evocative, nostalgic and strange.

The jar is an emblem of an era when our lives moved at a slower pace and we had a stronger connection to nature, community and our sources of nourishment. Whether it is canned peaches, pickles, garlic, or tomato sauce, or marbles, pennies, seashells or gumdrops, the items in jars add richness and piquancy to our lives, and keep vibrant a pre-technological vision of human existence. Like those jarred mementos of the extraordinary and the ordinary in everyday life, the creations of artists deepen our living, preserving and enhancing the tastes and textures of our experience in the world, culling meaning from it all: the trivial to the profound.

In Maine, artists, farmers, and citizens cohabitate, celebrating both the natural bounty and the human industry that defines the state, and valuing preservation, sustainability, community-supported agriculture and the arts. The Jar Project thrives on the spirit of Maine, enabling artists who have lived or spent time in Maine to preserve and present their work in this most relevant medium.

Many art teachers have visited the exhibit and are very interested in the idea for using with their students!

The gallery is open 11-5 Thursday-Sunday thru Labor Day, and then weekends thru Columbus Day. To obtain more information please visit the Spring Gallery website at

“Creating the Jar Project was a way for me to celebrate the things I love most about living in Maine – the abundance of art, music and poetry, the opportunity to develop a closer connection to nature, and a supportive community of people. It was the discovery of some old jars in the root cellar of my historic 1830 farmhouse last summer that inspired the idea of using the jar as the vessel for each artist’s work. Displaying the jars on old barn wood evokes a sense of the past, and I hope the variety of jars fills a viewer with a feeling of possibility and curiosity.” Alex Sax

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