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August 31, 2011


WatchMECreate is a collaborative effort between ACTEM & the MLTI. It consists of a series of serious challenges put out to Maine’s grade 7-12 schools, asking students (and perhaps teachers) to collaboratively develop and submit video responses.  While posed as a “student challenge,” it is assumed that some students may come to it independently while others will be directed towards it by a teacher.

The Maine Alliance for Arts Education is welcomed as a WatchMECreate Partner for the first WatchMECreate challenge of the 2011-12 school year – lending their passion for both creative thinking and action to help assure wide distribution of the challenge along with encouragement for many student teams to get involved.

This challenge is called WatchMEUseTheArts. Maine’s Grade 7-12 students get much of their formal support in developing their creative skills in Arts classrooms, working with Arts teachers in studio art, choral and instrumental music, dance, theater and other areas.  This is where opportunities exist to be purposefully creative, to not simply talk about “outside the box” thinking and action, but to practice it.

We want to know what Maine students, grades 7-12, are doing with those creative capabilities after they leave those Arts classrooms.

The challenge asks students to create a 3-minute video response to, “Show us how the arts have moved, or could move, beyond the music rooms, beyond the art room, beyond the theater, beyond the darkroom, beyond the expected spaces to help students like you make their school or their community a better place for all.”

WatchMEUseTheArts is live on the WatchMECreate web site. Uploads will be accepted from now through December 15. Entries will be judged between December 15 and January 13, 2012, with winners being announced on January 17, 2012.

Rewards: The top Middle School and High School teams will each be awarded $500 to be used by them to help their school move creativity forward. In addition, each student team member will receive an iPod nano.

All information is available on the website:

Questions? Write to:

Thank you,
The MLTI Team

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