Music and Learning

September 28, 2011

Music as Inspiration

There are non-music educators who understand the value of music in their classrooms as an inspirational, motivational, tool and for the connections in the brain to help in learning. We know in many cases students need music to help them process their learning. Kathy Freeman is an elementary teacher who sees the connection and uses music when teaching writing. In an article published in Education Week Teacher she explains the numerous ways that she utilizes music to enhance her lessons and how music is the foundation for learning. I suggest sharing the ideas and the link with your colleagues.

The author realizes that some educatorss disagree with her methods. Since they are distracted by music when they work they think that students are as well. Harvard Medical School neuroscientist Mark Jude Tramo affirms what the author knows to be true from his research Music on the Brain.

Using this information informally in conversation with students, parents and/or colleagues or as an agenda item for a teachers meeting is an avenue to raise awareness about the value of arts education. If you have a minute I suggest you read the articles/research.

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