Bucksport Celebrates Arts Education at the Blaine House

September 30, 2011

Student artists recognized at Blaine House

Brandon Snow accepts his award

Student artists from Bucksport schools were recognized at the home of Maine’s Governor Paul LePage on September 27 for their achievements in arts education.

The 24 students from Bucksport Middle and High School, Orland School and Miles Lane School have had artwork they produced in classes with Holly Bertrand, Leah Olson, Linda Babb, and Margaret Jones displayed at the offices of the Maine Department of Education for the past three months as part of a rotating exhibit of student artwork.

First Lady Ann LePage, Education Commissioner Stephen Bowen and State Board of Education member Marilyn Tardy congratulated the students during a Celebration of Arts Education at the Blaine House attended by the students, family members and friends.

Ashleigh West

The student artwork on display at the Maine Department of Education changes every three months. The student artists are recognized at the end of the three-month period.

Photographs by Matt Stone

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