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Carol Trimble Award

October 9, 2011

In her honor!

What do you give someone who has given us so much? In an earlier post I included the information about Carol Trimble’s departure at the end of December as Executive Director of Maine Alliance for Arts Education. At the statewide arts education conference on October 7 Arts Teachers Leading the Way… Back to the Future: Arts Assessment For Learning we honored Carol and her contributions to Maine arts education programs. Her certificate read:

The community of Maine Arts Educators proclaims that Carol Trimble has encouraged and strenghthened educational excellence thus exceeding the standard of dedication to, All of the Arts for All Maine Students.

So, when I thought about a gift I wanted it to be lasting, like so much of her work has been. Planting seeds to bring out the best for Maine arts education. In her honor an award has been created called the:

Carol Trimble Award for Exemplary Service to Arts Education

Carol receiving her certificate for her dedication to arts education, October 7, 2011

At the conference the first two honorees were named. They are Rob Westerberg and Catherine Ring for their for commitment, collaborative spirit, and contributions to the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative.

Catherine Ring and Rob Westerberg

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