J.C. Stone Sculpture Symposium

October 14, 2011

This week in Jefferson

David Curry

This week 14 sculptors are hard at work at J.C. Stone located on Route 17 not to far from Augusta in Jefferson. The symposium is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday. I visited last Sunday, one day into the symposium, and was amazed how much each artist had completed in the short time they had been working. Visiting provides you with a great opportunity to view how sculptors work and to learn more about sculpting and the sculptors process. Each artist is unique in their approach and it is fun to have conversations to learn more.

It is especially fun for me since I know two of the sculptors. One was a student, David Curry, in my middle school art class several years ago and a second is my sons best buddy, Miles Chapin. I was very curious to visit on Sunday so I can return this weekend and see what they’ve completed. Wow, my heart good to see young people creating large scale art!

Miles Chapin

This is the second symposium that J.C. Stone is sponsoring and this year they are partnering with Maine Home & Design. You can read more at http://stonesymposium.jcstoneinc.com/

This years sculptors are:

Paul Kozak

David Sywalski

Dan Ucci

Dick Alden

Roy Patterson

Andreas Von Huene

Mark Herrington

Joe Auciello

Kazumi Hoshino

Jesse Salisbury

David Curry

Miles Chapin

Daniel Gagnon

Perhaps I will see you at the symposium this weekend in Jefferson!

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