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AP Art Studio Teachers Meet

October 29, 2011

October 22, 2011

Seventeen AP art teachers from around the state met in Portland to spend the day discussing issues and ideas. Mt. Ararat High School art teacher Sheila Bohlin and Bangor High School art teacher Kal Elmore facilitate the group for the Maine Department of Education. The AP Studio Art program is designed to challenge motivated high school students to create college level work. Teachers who work with these students must be willing to stay ahead of their students as they guide and facilitate their learning opportunities.

The group discussed the AP report that is an overview of all AP Art portfolios and other scoring issues. Sheila showed a few examples of quality works from the AP site and reviewed works that were scored 6, 5, and 3.  The revised keynote presentation that she uses with students as an overview of the program was shared.

Kal demonstrating gelatin printmaking while Heidi O'Donnell and Randy Menninghaus look on

Kal Elmore did a demonstration of gelatin printing and all participants had an opportunity to try it out. Gelatin printing is a mono-printing process that can be used to spark students imagination, to teach a number of useful concepts, and to encourage problem solving and creative thinking.

The day also included:

  • Brainstorming activity: If someone gave you a large case of small canvas boards, how might you use them with students? Participants shared many interesting ideas and a short lesson idea.
  • Several teachers brought student work for critique. Suggestions and comments given by participants will be shared with the student artists.

Future topics for workshops:

  • on-line critiquing options
  • digital photography and related issues
  • helping students to define concentration ideas

Participant and Waterville High School art teacher Suzanne Goulet said this: “The collaborative has helped me to get over only sharing outstanding work (understandable and predictable/fear of being judged). I now take advantage of secondary voices to emphasize key concepts with students (it really helps with trust).

The next meeting will be on January 14 in Waterville. If you’d like to join the AP Network blog at or would like more information on the network and join the group please contact Kal at or Sheila at Everyone left on Saturday with new ideas and the motivation to try them.

Wells High School art teacher, Vanessa White Capelluti

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