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Brunswick High School Students go to Boston

November 30, 2011

Museum of Fine Arts

Brunswick High School art teacher, Jennie Driscoll recently took advantage of the opportunity that the Lunder Foundation has provided for all Maine students. In June the foundation announced a huge gift to provide the chance for all Maine students: Free admittance to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. You can read the details about the opportunity at

Jennie took a group of AP / Art IV students on the Downeaster Discovery field trip program – only $15.oo per student to Boston. She said: “It was a great trip!”

Art teacher Jennie Driscoll and her students at the MFA in Boston


2012-13 MLTI Screen Savers

November 29, 2011

Calling all student artists:

Over the last three years, the MLTI laptop screen saver image featured forty outstanding student works of art (twenty each year) with over 800 pieces of artwork submitted.

This opportunity once again is available for the 2012-2013 Screen Saver Image. Works of art submitted will be on display in a Studywiz Gallery where students and teachers may vote for and critique the artworks. The two works receiving the most votes (stars) will automatically be entered into the group of 20 finalists. A group of independent judges will score the remaining pieces of artwork. The 18 artworks receiving top scores from the judges, will be submitted to the finalists group as well.

Fashionista, Brandi Jo Shaffer, Gr. 12, Lee Academy

Most schools have active Studywiz accounts for staff and students. Please check with your MLTI Tech Lead for more information. If you do not have a Studywiz account you will be issued an account to post the work. Your Tech Lead can create accounts – please keep in mind it takes 24 hours for a Studywiz account to become active so don’t wait!!

This contest is open to Maine students in grades K-12. MLTI asks that students submit only ONE piece of artwork to be considered for the 2012-2013 screensaver. Please take careful note of the sizing and labeling requirements. Submissions not meeting these requirements or students submitting multiple works will not be included in the judging.

Strings, Patrick Ouellette, Gr. 8, Winthrop MS

The students whose artwork is selected will be recognized at the MLTI Student Conference to be held May 24, 2012 at the University of Maine, Orono. The 20 artists will be receiving free conference registration and will have their artwork projected on the big screen at various times during the event.


  • December 23, 2011 – Submissions due. Teachers/Students can vote in Studywiz until January 11, 2012! Don’t forget to remind them to log in and vote!
  • December 24, 2011 – January 11, 2012  Judging by independent judges.
  • January 11, 2012 – Voting and judging ends!
  • January 14, 2012 – Teachers of the students with selected pieces will be notified by this date. A release form will need to be signed by parents and sent back to MLTI before any names are released to the public.
  • January 25, 2012 – Release forms due to back to the MLTI Project Office.
  • February 2012 – Selected artwork information released to the public.
  • May 24, 2012 – Student Conference. Selected students will be invited to join us at the Student Conference free of charge (students will need to complete online registration).

Submitted artworks may be:

  • Photography
  • Photographs of artwork (2 or 3 dimensional)
  • Scanned works
  • Digital art
  • Due to the paperwork involved with identifiable human faces we will not allow any piece which will require model release forms. This means no photographs of recognizable human faces, please.

Submissions must be:

  • Landscape orientation
  • Digital format 1152×870 pixels
  • Without images of people (which would require a model release)
  • Submitted by December 23, 2011

When submitting:

  • Label the files properly with: Title of Artwork_StudentFirstName_StudentLastInitial_School_Teacher Initials
  • Ensure files are the proper orientations/size, as files that are not properly sized will not be judged (see .pdf on sizing)

Artwork that is not properly labeled, sized or submitted on time, will NOT be judged. Students who submit more than piece of artwork will be not be included in the judging.

To view the photographs and have your students view the photographs you need to have a Studywiz account. If you do not have an account please contact Juanita Dickson at to get account informationNot familiar with Studywiz?

View the MLTI Minute – Episode #122 – How to Join A Global Group in Studywiz. You want to search for the 207 Screen Saver Group in Studywiz.

Once in the Studywiz 207 Screen Saver Group, you’ll find a video that gives step by step directions including:

  • how to submit and/or view artworks in Studywiz
  • how to vote
  • how to resize your image
  • how to label your image

Blue Eyes, Veronica Jones, Gr. 9, Maranacook HS

2011-2012 Selected Screensaver Images

  • “3 Musicians”, inspired by Pablo Picasso, Kara Rawlings, Gr. 8, Skowhegan Area Middle School
  • “Captive”, Moriah Day, Gr. 12, Dexter Regional High School
  • “The Edge of Water”, Hannah Boyce, Gr. 10, Mount Desert Island High School
  • “Crows”, Ann Marie Stanely, Gr. 12, Mount Desert Island High School
  • “An Apple a Day”, Peter Grubb, Gr. 12, Mount Desert Island High School
  • “Fashionista”, Brandi Jo Shaffer, Gr. 12, Lee Academy
  • “White Mouse”, Hunter Tompkins, Gr. 7, Lawrence Jr High School
  • “Color Splash”, Kathleen Murphy, Gr. 8, Tremont School
  • “Sun Lizard”, Jalen Thompson, Gr. 10, Maranacook HS
  • “Native Spirit”, Rebecca White, Gr. 11, Maranacook HS
  • “Blue Eyes”, Veronica Jones, Gr. 9, Maranacook HS
  • “Strings”, Patrick Ouellette, Gr. 8, Winthrop MS
  • “Sleepy Santa”, Jasmine Dostie, Gr. 7, Lawrence Jr High School
  • “Lock”, Alicia Eggleston, Gr. 11, Mt. Ararat High School
  • “A Single Drop”, David Brann, Gr. 12, Mt. Ararat High School
  • “Cornelius the Duck”, Hannah Kuhn, Gr. 12, Bangor High School
  • “Treble Bass Clarinets”, Kayla Fahey, Gr. 7, Westbrook Middle School
  • “Such Great Heights”, Amelia Denney, Gr. 10, Waterville Senior HS
  • “Untitled”, Juan Matthew Lynch, Gr. 12, Waterville Senior HS
  • “Untitled”, Whitney Ruff, Gr. 12, Mountain Valley High School

2010-11 Selected Screensaver Images

  • “All Star” by Lindsey Purpura, Yarmouth High School, Grade 11
  • “Aqua” by Kelly Normand, Noble Middle School, Grade 8
  • “Autumn Bliss” by Lindsey Purpura, Yarmouth High School, Grade 11
  • “Burst of Autumn” by Erick Schadler, Jordan Small Middle School, Grade 8
  • “Collage” by Nate Arbitrario, Lewiston Middle School, Grade 8
  • “Colour Me Beautiful” by Samantha Hall, Yarmouth High School, Grade 12
  • “Dew” by Jonas Oppenheim, Yarmouth High School, Grade 12
  • “Fall” by Emily Drummond, Grade 12
  • “Fire and Ice” by Adrian Baker, Freeport High School, Grade 12
  • “Flower” by Melanie Jackson, Bangor High School, Grade 12
  • “Flowers and Shadows” by Emily Gauthier, Brunswick High School, Grade 11
  • “Golden Umbrella” by Mark Lightbody, Middle School of the Kennebunks, Grade 7
  • “Lyrical Dance” by Dana LaPorte, Skowhegan Middle School, Grade 8
  • “Rain Drops” by Sam Askins, Bangor High School, Grade 12
  • “Reflection” by Rachel White, Yarmouth High School, Grade 11
  • “Star” by Marie Jarowicz, Middle School of the Kennebunks, Grade 8
  • “Sugarloaf” by Catherine Pellegrini, Cape Elizabeth Middle School, Grade 6
  • “The Pool” by Kersti Bayne, Freeport Middle School, Grade 8
  • “Winding Road” by Maggie Ditre, Maranacook High School, Grade 12

Please note: The Maine Department of Education reserves the right to make the final decision.


Arts Assessment Graduate Course

November 28, 2011

Learning about arts assessment

The New England Institute for Teacher Education is providing a unique opportunity for arts educators throughout Maine to take a three-credit, graduate level course on on Arts Assessment. Visual art and music educators who are interested in deepening their learning in arts assessment are invited to participate in a cohort of peers to collaborate, and to learn about and apply best assessment practices in their classrooms. Course credit is given through Endicott Collegeʼs Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies.

These courses have been specially-designed as an outgrowth of the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative. Teachers can expect to work at growing their level of understanding and enhancing their schoolʼs practices in an individually-tailored, inquiry- based class. Classes meet on a teacher-friendly schedule, over two weekends, with inter-session and post-session work done online.

Rob, Argy, Catherine on our way to assessment workshop for Aroostook county arts teachers

Rob Westerberg and Catherine Ring are the instructors for the Music and Visual Art courses respectively. Both Rob and Catherine are experienced arts educators and teacher leaders and bring a wealth of knowledge in their disciplines and in assessment practices. Join them for a great opportunity to meet and work with colleagues while improving your teaching and student learning in the arts!

Dates and Locations:

  • January 13, 14 and March 16, 17, 2012, York High School, York (Visual Art and Music)
  • January 27, 28 and April 27, 28, 2012, Bangor    (Visual Art only)
  •  February 10, 11 and May 11, 12, 2012    Augusta (Visual Art only)

Three ways to Register:

  1. Call Catherine Ring at 207-367-5807
  2. Email:
  3. Download the Registration Form at
    . A flyer with the information can be downloaded from this page.

If you would like the New England Institute to bring a course to your area, please contact:

The New England Institute for Teacher Education                                            P.O. Box 460                                                                                                        Stonington, Maine 04681    207-367-5807                                                           Website:


MAAE Celebrating Arts and Literacy

November 27, 2011

Support Arts Education While Holiday Shopping!

On Thursday, December 1, Maine Aliance for Arts Education will celebrate the arts and literacy while raising funds for arts education at a Bookfair at the Barnes & Noble in Augusta. Come and join us any time between 9am and 9pm for guest readers, musical performances, and a craft table for the kids. We hope to see you there!

Barnes & Noble will contribute a percentage of the in-store sales on December 1 to MAAE. You can pick up a voucher at the Bookfair to hand to the cashier to ensure that MAAE gets credit for your purchases. If you can’t come to the Bookfair, just shop online during the 5 days after December 1 at and enter MAAE’s Bookfair ID # 10586782 on the payment page.  Thank you for supporting arts education while you shop!


What is Your Place?

November 26, 2011

Salman Khan: Using video to teach/learn

Several weeks ago I read an article in the Bangor Daily News about Salman Khan and how he had started sending YouTube videos to his cousins (about 5 years ago) to help them learn mathematical concepts. His cousins said that they liked him better on YouTube than they did in person. As time went by others were seeing the videos and started using them and communicating with Salman.

One thing led to another and he left his job as an analyst and started Khan Academy where they have more than 2,600 videos with a million students a month using them. He realized that he could help teachers and classroom learning. Teachers started using the videos in their classroom to “flip the classroom”. They are using the videos at home to learn the concepts and they do homework assignments and projects during class time. When students come to class they are at a beginning topic. The teachers have “used technology to humanize the classroom” and turned around the format of teaching. Kahn Academy doesn’t claim to be replacing teachers nor are they a full curriculum.

I went to the Khan Academy website to check out the topic and there is a section of Art History videos. You might want to check them out and post a comment on what you’ve learned about Kahn Academy and specifically the art history videos.


Regional Presentation in Visual Arts Assessment

November 25, 2011

One of 23 workshops being given this school year



Hosted by Bates College  Education Department

Refreshments, Networking and Sign–In: Starts at 3:30PM

Workshops: 4:00 – 5:30 PM

  • Did you miss the State Arts Assessment Initiative Conference on October 7th?
  • It’s not too late to learn more about setting criteria and formative assessment!
  • Join us in connecting with other Visual Art teachers and discussing approaches to assessment!

Laura Devin presenting at statewide arts assessment conference, Oct. 7th, USM

Workshop Choices:

  • Workshop #1  – Quick, Down, Dirty AND Effective Art Assessment (K-5 Visual Art)  4:00 – 5:30 PM with Laura Devin,  Visual Art Educator,  RSU1 Bath  and Karen Wolfe; Rosemary Polizotto

Following a short, hands-on art making activity, participants will examine ways to realistically utilize a variety of assessment tools to deepen student learning in grades K-5.   We will see how a variety of practical formative assessments consistent with rubric expectations can deepen student learning and address arts standards, studio thinking, and 21st century skills.  Optional:  Sharing of a favorite assessment tool from participants is encouraged (bring 20 copies).  Take-home resources will be available in hard copy and digital forms. WORKSHOP  LIMITED TO 20 PARTICIPANTS.

  • Workshop #2  – Why create criteria based on MLR standards with student involvement ? (6-8 Visual Art) 4:00 – 5:30 PM with Jeffrey Orth, Visual Art Educator Richmond Middle/High School

Worried about involving students in creating criteria for art works? Using MLR standards with students? In this workshop we will go through the process of working with student in creating criteria aligned with MLR standards. WORKSHOP  LIMITED TO 20 PARTICIPANTS.

  • Workshop #3  – Finding the Hidden Treasure in Art with Student Self Assessments (9-12 Visual Art) 4:00 – 5:30 PM with Jennie Driscoll, Visual Art Educator Brunswick High School

Participants will create a small art work and practice the use of exemplars, setting criteria, and use of assessments to inform revision.  Come explore the benefits for learning that come with student self assessments.  WORKSHOP LIMITED TO 20 PARTICIPANTS.

Please RSVP by to Jennie Driscoll to attend one of these free workshops by December 5th.  Please give your name, email, and workshop choice.

Workshops will be held at Bates College, Pettingill Hall, Ground Floor Rooms G10, G 21 and G 50.  Check-in is in room  G04 starting at 3:30 PM.  Workshop start at 4:00PM . For location/ directions/ parking  see building #55, go to:


Dancing Birds

November 24, 2011

Murmuration – Thanksgiving Amazement!

At the link below you can view video footage of a murmuration – a natural phenomenon that is the signaling of the onset of winter. A huge flock of European Starlings swirl through the sky appearing as if they are a finely tuned dance team performing a well practiced choreographed piece. The short-lived seasonal phenomenon, signaling the onset of winter, was captured by Sophie Windsor Clive and Liberty Smith on a canoe trip on the River Shannon in Ireland.

These birds have a reaction time of under 100 milliseconds which certainly helps to prevent collisions. So why do the starlings flock together and fly like these? Some believe it is a way to protect themselves from perdators, such as peregine falcons. I can only image what it might e like to paddle underneath of them as they dance above.Talk about performance art?!!


In Today’s News

November 23, 2011

Hampden Academy students help artist build bronze bronco statue for new school

Article in the Bangor Daily News, November 23rd, on the sculpture being created by artist Forest Hart with students from Hampden Academy. Students are working with Forest in his studio in Monroe.

To read the article please click here.


Art Exhibit at Maine Education Association

November 23, 2011

Maine Art Education Association exhibit

Teachers who are both MEA and MAEA members may submit one piece of student artwork to celebrate Youth Art Month. The artwork will be framed by the MEA and will hang in the Maine Education Association office in Augusta. The frames are great and the reception is very nice.  Many teachers, MEA employees and other visitors who go to the MEA office really enjoy viewing the student artwork. This is a great way to showcase what we do.

  • The MEA will accept 30 works of student art on a first-come basis.
  • Size limit: length + width cannot exceed 30 inches.
  • Email Kay Allision at first if you want to send artwork.
  • Kay will confirm your current MAEA and MEA membership status.  Once you are notified, please mail artwork ASAP or by December 22, 2011.
  • Submit artwork to:  Kay Allison, 101 Brentwood Drive, Auburn, ME 04210
  • If you sign up, Kay will save your spot.  December cancellations will not allow me time to find a replacement.
  • The show will hang from February 2012 through November, 2012 in the Maine Education Association Office in Augusta. (Only submit work that can hang for the entire length of the exhibit).
  • The Youth Art Month exhibit opening will be March 25, 2012, 1:30-2:30 PM at the office in Augusta. Presentations at 1:30 PM, refreshments will be served.
  • The framed artwork will be ready for pickup at the Augusta office in November 2012.
  • Kay will send invitations to participating teachers to pass on to students.
  • The artwork must have a nametag attached to the back with the following information.

Student’s Name:






Teacher’s Name:

Teacher’s Email Address:

Please use the following information for the media release. Include this on the back of the artwork. This will make the invitation selection process run more smoothly.

I give the Maine Art Education Association permission to print my child’s artwork and name (first and last) in both printed and electronic newsletters.

I give the Maine Art Education Association permission to publish my child’s artwork and name (first and last) on a student art website called Artsonia.

I give the Maine Art Education Association permission to print my child’s artwork and name (first and last) for the postcard invitation for the student art opening.

Student’s Name:_____________________________________________________


Teacher’s Name:_____________________________________________________

Parent’s Signature:___________________________________________________

If you have any questions please contact Kay Allison at


MLTI Screen Saver 2012-13

November 22, 2011

Calling student artists

In the next few days the information will be posted on the meartsed blog  CALLING FOR STUDENT ARTWORK for the 2012-13 MLTI Screen Saver image. This opportunity has been provided during the last two years and will once again for the next school year. Please encourage your students to participate by submitting a photograph to be eligible. There artwork could be selected for all the MLTI laptops throughout the state. Please look for the details in the next few days. YAHOOOOOO!

3 Musicians, K Rawling

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