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New and Old

January 9, 2012

Recent report and an older video

This is a recent report put out by the Wallace Foundation. It includes leadership, arts particpation, and after school programs. “The arts belong to everyone.” That was the conviction of our co-founder Lila Wallace. It has guided our efforts for more than two decades to support arts organizations as they develop and test innovative ideas to reach new audiences so that many more people might enjoy the benefits of the arts. Please click here for the report.

Thank you to my Department colleague, Laurel Sterling, for sending it.

This item is not recent interview but how interesting that it connects with the recent work in Maine in many school districts. On learning, computers, population growth, the universe. A 1988interview conducted by Bill Moyers on World of Ideas with Isaac Asimov
Please click here.

Thank you for art educators from Hampden Academy, Leah Olson, for sending it.

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