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Mt. Rushmore in Belfast

January 11, 2012

Troy Howard Middle School

Last summer Troy Howard Middle School, Belfast art teacher Lynnette Sprooch traveled out west. She was inspired by Mt. Rushmore and brought that inspiration right into her classroom. During the last 2 months Lynnette’s 8th graders spent time recreating an over five feet tall and over six feet long Mt. Rushmore. Lynnette emailed including the photo below and said:  this wonderous piece of art is permanently displayed in the hallway of the school for all to see.

Lynnette started an art enrichment team and it was this group of students who worked during their study halls, lunches, and after school to create the large sculpture. I look forward to stopping and seeing it for myself when I have a few minutes. There is nothing like monumental creations for students. They will never forget the event. Congratulations Lynnette and 8th graders!

Please tell us about large projects you have done or are doing. Send photos, and a blurr describing the work.

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