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Webinar Today

January 26, 2012

Digital Art Creation with MLTI Tools facilitated by Ann Marie Quirion Hutton – YOU MUST REGISTER BEFOREHAND TO ATTEND – registration information at the bottom of this post

January 26, 2012
3:15pm and 7:15pm

Creating art can be traced back almost to the beginning of human kind. Even those with little background in art history have heard of the Lascaux Caves in France where prehistoric drawings and paintings can be found on the walls and ceilings depicting images of animals and humans.  Aesthetically these drawings and paintings, thousands of years later, still bring us to imagine their meanings.

If we continue to look back in history we also have the development of text. Illuminated Manuscripts brought us the initial. “The earliest surviving substantive illuminated manuscripts are from the period AD 400 to 600, initially produced in Italy and the Eastern Roman Empire.” These text images can be found in a variety of forms throughout history eventually even appearing at the beginning of fairy tales. Today initials are still in use and can be found in various artworks including street art tags often recognized as graffiti.

The MLTI program has many tools that allow for art creation. Over the years artists have used many materials to engage their interests and talents. We now have the ability to create digital pieces of art. Photography, painting, drawing, music, poetry, movies, stories, comics, to name a few…All these and more can be created with the suite of tools on our MLTI devices. Although traditional art will always be an important part of our cultures we now live in a time where digital images flourish. Digital Literacy includes digital images as well as digital text. Our students will need to know how to use digital tools in many different ways to be successful in their future.
Join us Thursday to explore creating digital art with MLTI tools. This is a hands on session so bring your MLTI device and roll up your sleeves. We will work together to create a piece of digital art.

To register: Visit and select the webinar/time you wish to participate in – you will be re-directed to online registration. We have a new registration system, so please ensure you enter your email address correctly!  Once you register you will receive a confirmation email that contains a login link that will be used the day of the webinar.

If you cannot access (due to temporary technical issues with the site), please use the links below.

To register for 3:15pm, please visit
To register for 7:15pm, please visit

Keep in mind:
– All of MLTI’s webinars are free and contact hours are available.
– Webinars are recorded and made available for viewing on the Maine121 Archives page.
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