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What’s New at Maine Alliance for Arts Education?

February 15, 2012

MAAE undertakes Strategic Positioning process

As Maine Alliance for Arts Education heads into its next decade and prepares to hire a new executive director, the Board sees this as a perfect time to engage in strategic positioning. In 2011, MAAE was selected to participate in the Maine Nonprofit Viability Program held at University of Maine in June. Under Carol Trimble’s leadership, MAAE’s board members completed an organizational self-assessment survey and a two-day workshop. With support through a grant from the Betterment Fund, MAAE has now entered into an expanded version of the self-assessment and Nonprofit Viability process to determine where the organization should be headed in coming years and to build capacity to move forward and sustain its programs and services.

Drew Watt of Common Good Ventures will lead the Board in developing and carrying out a Strategic Positioning Process that will include facilitated sessions and input from MAAE board members, as well as from key stakeholders, constituents, and advisors, including representatives from the Maine Department of Education, the Maine Arts Commission, arts educators, legislators, parents, students, and artists. From the information collected in these sessions, Watt will lead the Board in creating a strategic plan that guides MAAE’s work and funding in the coming three years and informs the hiring of the new executive director.

In November 2011, Carol Trimble, Executive Director of the Maine Alliance for Arts Education for the past 10 years, announced that she would leave that position at the end of December.

If you have questions or comments about the future of MAAE’s role in arts education in Maine please feel free to contact Interim Director, Gail Scott at

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