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Painting Via Skype

February 22, 2012

People sit for artist Sandro Kopp

Not to long ago I was asked to meet via skype with a group of teachers on a workshop day to discuss how I use skype in the work I do at the Department with teachers throughout Maine.

I have found that skype saves me time which of course translates to money. I use it at least once a week for official meetings but more times than not for conversations. For example, if I am checking on information or have questions or want to bounce ideas off of colleagues for feedback I often use skype or ichat. Skype has replaced what the phone used to do for me. If I need to check with someone on a topic I open up skype or ichat and see if the person I need to chat with is online.

So when a colleague sent a link with a story on CNN about an artist who uses skype to paint portraits I was intrigued. The artist, Sandro Kopp, lives in the north of Scotland and finding people who are available to sit for him to paint is sometimes difficult. He claims that he has always struggled to work from a photograph and prefers the real thing so skype is ideal for him. One man interviewed in the clip said that he liked that in some of the paintings the pixelation is evident. The funnest portrait was the one of his mother who has her head set on in the painting.

I googled Sandro and was intrigued by his self portrait that he created from 28 portraits. He did a portrait everyday and combined it to create a large piece of artwork. You can see the image at

And you can listen and watch the CNN clip at

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