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February 27, 2012

Art Teacher Providing Workshops

Periodically I get emails with questions about arts education opportunities for students beyond the school day. I was glad to read about art teacher Rebekah Raye.  In the Kennebec Journal, January 27th, there is an article written by Susan McMillian, and the workshops Rebekah is teaching.

On Saturday Rebekah provided a drawing workshop for about 30 children and adults sharing information about the illustration and publication process. After becoming an art teacher Raye gave workshops and in 2004 illustrated her first story written by Passamaquoddy storyteller Allen Sockabasin. Since that time she has written and illustrated two more children’s books.

You can read the entire article and learn more at


Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

February 27, 2012

February 3, 2012 Science

In a special issue, Colin Norman, News Editor of Science, reports on the entries for the 2011 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge.

Metabolomic Eye, Bryan W. Jones (Photography - 1st Place)

The challenge has taken place for the past 9 years and is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and The purpose is to “promote cutting-edge efforts to visualize scientific data, principles, and ideas—skills that are critical for communication among scientists and between scientists and the general public, especially students.”

Imagine, creating images for communication? Sound familiar? This is taken from

Chapter 132 Maine Learning Results: Parameters for Essential Instruction- Visual Arts B3 Making Meaning, Pre-K-2: Students create art works that communicate ideas and feelings and demonstrate skill in the use of meida, tools, and techniques.

This year there were 212 entries from 33 countries. The finalists were selected and posted and visitors were asked to select their favorite. The “People’s Choice” was selected by the 3200 votes that came in. The winners are posted on an online slide show at or at You can read the entire article at

The National Science Foundation encourages entries and the competition opens May 31, 2012. You can find information on their website (2nd link above).

Thank you to my colleague, Peter Bernard, at the Maine Department of Education, for sharing the link to this information.

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