Happy Spring!

March 21, 2012

So many good days to be surprised and grateful for

The weather has been tricking us lately, that is for sure! I keep remembering that it is only March 20th, the first day of Spring, and then I check the calendar! This is Maine and the weather is very unusual for this time of year. Seventy degrees today, the flower bed is raked, the shorts are out, canoe in the water, and it looks like it will continue for a couple more days anyway. We heard woodcock last night on our walk and the air seemed perfectly still! Almost like a July warm evening. I don’t remember a first day of Spring like this!

While canoeing over the weekend the ice was still in the pond, the water very calm so the reflections were intense, and sign of beaver along the bank. It was a delightful morning. I hope you’ve had a chance to get outside and enjoy this unusual weather!

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