Show Choir Performances

April 9, 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The excitement was intense and impressive at the annual Maine State Vocal Jazz Festival held at Ellsworth High School.

Connie Carter attended and said the following:

“What an amazing showcase of talent, energy, commitment, collaboration, and just plain incredible entertainment!  It was so exciting to see Ellsworth High School overflowing with people who suipport the arts.  There was enough creative energy there
on Saturday to meet Maine’s energy needs for a year! Clearly the arts have a voice in Maine!”

And Ed Brazee’s observations:

“I loved every minute of the state competition for Show Choirs and Jazz Choirs last Saturday at Ellsworth High School. It was particularly gratifying to see high school students from across Maine collaborating and enjoying each others’
presentations. Were they competive? Of course, but they were also appreciative and supportive of each other’s efforts. Very impressive!”

The Ellsworth High School Show Choir won the Division I State Championship at the event for the sixth time in the choir’s history and the third year in a row. They also received a “Gold Award” rating of 1 and received the “Outstanding Choreography” Award for the third year running as well. Special recognition for 1 rating performances in the solo category went to Tyler Small, Tyler Beardsley, Kassidy Jordan, Tim Follette, Blake Pattengale, Marissa Boynton, Lauren Barkhouse, Savannah Jackson, and show-stopping Melissa Wells. The choir presented “I Know Where I’ve Been: Twenty Years of EHS Show Choir” . The evening final performance may be found on You Tube. On Tuesday, April 10th, the Show Choir leaves for Orlando, Florida where they will be competing in Disney Festival and performing on the Waterside Stage in Downtown Disney. Congratulations and Good Luck!

Ellsworth High School Show Choir

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