Another Arts Teachers’ Story: Shannon Campbell

May 8, 2012


Featuring one teacher’s journey as an arts educator

This is the eighth in a series of blog posts telling arts teachers’ stories. This series contains a set of questions to provide the opportunity for you to read educators stories and to learn from others.

Shannon Campbell presently teaches visual arts to 215 K-8 students at the Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School. This is her first year there were she has 24 classes a week. Previously, Shannon taught on the island of Vinalhaven for 2 years. Shannon is a teacher leader from the first phase of the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative.

Shannon has resources on the school website at  http://www.dises.org/arts/art-class.

What do you like best about being an art educator?

I love the process of art, and I love being able to teach kids how to use the process of art to understand and interact with life. I love that no minute of my day is ever the same, and that I get to share art experiences with students every day.

Tell me what you think are three keys to ANY successful arts ed program?

  1. flexibility,
  2. innovation, and
  3. the ability to connect your curriculum with the students life experiences.

What specific way(s) do your assessment practices tie into the success of your program?

My assessment practices help students to understand the project expectations and push students to self-assess their own work, allowing students to be more thoughtfully engaged in their work.

What have been the benefits in becoming involved in the arts assessment initiative?

Networking! This process has introduced me to a great support system of other art teachers who are constantly pushing what they do in the classroom in innovative ways. I love how technology has allowed a group of educators throughout the state to all stay in touch throughout the year. The assessment initiative has given be great ideas and support in what I do in my classroom, and has made me more mindful of the assessment process. 

What are you most proud of in your career?

So far, I am most proud of the professional work that I have done through the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative.

What gets in the way of being a better teacher or doing a better job as a teacher?

Life–I still don’t understand how people teach kids and have their own kids!

Apple or PC?


What have you accomplished through hard work and determination that might otherwise appear at first glance to be due to “luck” or circumstances?

Hmm.. I would say that I have my job because of hard work and determination. In this economy teaching jobs are hard to come by, and I think that because of how seriously I take my job as a teacher, I have earned a good reputation in the field. I think that hard work is how I was able to get my current job at the Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary school.

Look into your crystal ball: what advice would you give to teachers?

Be innovative and keep pushing your program to become better interconnected with the outside world. Also, don’t over analyze a bad day, we all have them. 

If you were given a $500,000.00 to do with whatever you please, what would it be?

Go on a vacation, get 3 more weimaraners and maybe open up my own arts based Montessori school.  

Thank you Shannon for taking the time to tell your story!

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